String Quartet & String Trio

The string quartet and the string trio are the most popular string ensembles! Our repertoire includes hours of music, including pop songs, classical, jazz, Broadway, Jewish and Bollywood music. We arrange musicians for wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions, holiday parties, fashion launch parties, and gala dinners. In addition to the strings, we can add a flute, trumpet, harp, guitar or a Cajon drum box. If you are looking for just a violin-cello duo for your event, we can arrange that as well but honestly, we don’t suggest this duo. For another duo options click here! If you are looking for something different, check out our electric string quartet with an on-stage performance!

String Quartet performs La Vie en Rose

String Quartet (concert group)

String Quartet Pop Covers

Wedding Ceremony at Ashridge House in England

Bach Air

String Trio & Trumpet

String Quartet & Cajon Drum Box

Strings & Flute

Wedding Ceremony at Versace Mansion in Miami

Wedding Ceremony at Weylin in Brooklyn

Perforing at Max Mara Store in Beverly Hills

Electric String Quartet at Ciprinai

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male string quartet

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