String Quartet & String Trio

The string quartet and trio are client favorites! People always request these small, but powerful ensembles.

Why? In addition, the appeal of our gifted musicians, the string trio and quartet are cost-effective with only three and four string players, but also versatile and full of sound projection. Even though a string trio and quartet is smaller than an orchestra and not plugged in like an electric instrument or band, the musicians still make a full sound with lots of volume for all the guests to enjoy.

From pop covers, classical, Broadway, jazz, Jewish, and Bollywood music., we have over six hours of music prepared for your listening pleasure. Clients can choose and request almost any song or piece of music in the world, and most likely, it can be arranged for the string quartet. A big bonus, we do not charge any additional fees to arrange or learn new songs or tunes.

Kiral Artists string players perform on acoustic violins, violas, and cellos for these ensembles. If you’d like amped up instruments, find out more about our electric string quartet and violinist.

From VIP events to celebrity weddings, Kiral Artists’ string quartet and trio are in high-demand.

Let us spice up and serenade your event or wedding!

Hire us, today!


String Quartet performs La Vie en Rose

String Quartet (concert group)

String Quartet Pop Covers

Wedding Ceremony at Ashridge House in England

Bach Air

String Trio & Trumpet

String Quartet & Cajon Drum Box

Strings & Flute

Wedding Ceremony at Versace Mansion in Miami

Wedding Ceremony at Weylin in Brooklyn

Perforing at Max Mara Store in Beverly Hills

Electric String Quartet at Ciprinai

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string quartet aspen

string trio bratislava

male string quartet

wedding musicians Washington DC

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