Guitar Ensembles

There are many clients who love guitar and ask for a guitarist to perform at their wedding ceremony or cocktail reception. The classical music repertoire for guitar is large, but typically when someone asks for contemporary music, like pop songs, we recommend hiring a duo. It can be a violin-guitar duo or a cello-guitar duo. It is because we think these duos sound much better. Also, we should mention a flute-guitar duo! It’s a lovely ensemble! On this page, you will find many videos.

Feel free to contact us if you have any special requests! We’ll be so glad to assist you! 

Classical Music Guitarist


Jazz Guitarist


Guitar – Violin Jazz Duo 


Guitar – Violin Classical Music Duo


Ukulele – Violin Duo


Guitar – Violin – Cello Trio

Guitar – Cello – Piano Trio

Video coming soon!


Guitar – Cello Duo


Jazz Guitar Duo


Two Guitars & Bass Jazz Trio 


Guitarist & Vocalist